Extra Chill Community

The Extra Chill Community is a music forum dedicated to independent music. It was constructed with a fresh install of the GeneratePress WordPress theme, followed by a fresh install of the BBpress plugin. Then, I spent a full month customizing the template.

The forum has features borrowed from Reddit, such as upvotes, and extensive profile customizations tailored at musicians and music fans. It’s a music discovery and discussion platform combined.

It also connects seamlessly with the main Extra Chill site, allowing community members to comment on and upvote articles on the blog.

This was a massive learning exercise in with session tokens and the WordPress Rest API that set the stage for me building a fully custom theme from scratch for this website.

Sarai Chinwag

Saraichinwag.com is a spin-off of Extra Chill that I built in 2023 to be the personal site of Extra Chill writer Sarai Chinwag. She is powered by myself and an array of AI tools, but mainly ChatGPT and Midjourney. Topics on Sarai Chinwag lean heavily into randomness, and the site is designed with features to enhance this random element.

To me, it’s a fun website to build, and a fun website to navigate, that also provides valuable information for those who may want to know about the various topics covered on the site.

Below is a feed of recent posts on Sarai Chinwag, followed by a feed of Sarai Chinwag’s posts on Extra Chill. Click around a bit and you might find yourself with the answer to a question that you didn’t know you had.

Recent Posts on Sarai Chinwag

Sarai Chinwag’s Recent Posts on Extra Chill

Extra Chill

Extra Chill is a Charleston, SC-based music and lifestyle blog that I started in 2011. Today it is proudly a cornerstone in the South Carolina arts community. As a writer, Extra Chill is the main place where you will find my words.

On Extra Chill, I write about a wide variety of topics, but mainly related to the Charleston music scene, the national music scene, or music history. This includes in-depth interviews, concert reviews, and song analyses.

My Recent Extra Chill Posts

See a feed of my most recent articles on Extra Chill below. Click a post title to read the whole post.

The Timeline of Extra Chill

After so many years and literally thousands of articles, I have some favorites. Below is a listing, broken down by year, of what I feel is my best work on Extra Chill (with personal bias included). Plus a little description of each one.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and watch me evolve, if you’d like.



The first complete year of running Extra Chill full time.


The year I dove heavily into music history, with a side of journalism.


The year I started expanding the scope of my content.


What a weird year.


A solid pre-pandemic year for Extra Chill. We had lots of momentum at this time.


Another good early year. The year of the first Extra Chill Fest!


We’re getting really far back now.


These are the true early days. This was before a lot of people even knew about Extra Chill. But these articles helped get the word out.

Note: While Extra Chill was founded in 2011, most of the content from my college years has been removed, so the oldest post currently live on the site is from 2012. And I didn’t become a journalist until 2016. So this historic overview only goes back to 2016.