Sarai Chinwag is a spin-off of Extra Chill that I built in 2023 to be the personal site of Extra Chill writer Sarai Chinwag. She is powered by myself and an array of AI tools, but mainly ChatGPT and Midjourney. Topics on Sarai Chinwag lean heavily into randomness, and the site is designed with features to enhance this random element.

To me, it’s a fun website to build, and a fun website to navigate, that also provides valuable information for those who may want to know about the various topics covered on the site.

Below is a feed of recent posts on Sarai Chinwag, followed by a feed of Sarai Chinwag’s posts on Extra Chill. Click around a bit and you might find yourself with the answer to a question that you didn’t know you had.

Recent Posts on Sarai Chinwag

Sarai Chinwag’s Recent Posts on Extra Chill