Welcome to chubes.net

I’m Chris Huber (or chubes), and welcome to chubes.net! I’m an entrepreneur, writer, concert promoter, sailor, gardener, DIYer, and general idea man based in Charleston, South Carolina. This website will serve as a centralized hub for all of my various creative projects. So, if anyone is ever wondering what I’m up to, you can come here and find out!

This website will also include some blog content, but it will just be personal anecdotes and stories, and there are no plans to commercialize it. Taking it back to old school blogging!

Expect things like: Realizations while I’m out in my garden. Ideas that don’t fit Extra Chill but have my mind twisting. Random thoughts about current events and the evolving technological landscape, and more. I may also provide “behind the scenes” perspectives on the ideas that drive Extra Chill and my other projects, but you’ll just have to wait and see.

Ultimately, chubes.net is going to be all me. Anything I want, just like the initial idea that spawned Extra Chill so many years back. Except that one became a business. This one is just me.

You can find me on Instagram, @chubes4!

Extra Chill

Extra Chill is my main baby, and the first blog that I ever built. It’s central to my personal story, because I started it when I was a freshman in college, way back in 2011. It’s based around a WordPress site, and I’m the main writer, web developer, and driving force behind the business operations.

The brand is focused on music and lifestyle in Charleston, SC. We host concerts in Charleston, SC and an annual music festival called Extra Chill Fest, for which I am the main promoter. Over the years, Extra Chill has become a staple of the music scene in South Carolina. It has made a tangible impact on the careers of many artists and the overall infrastructure of the music scene, providing a longtime internet home for music in Charleston.

Extra Chill’s content strategy also contains marks of my own personal music tastes and experimental ideas via the non-Charleston related music content. There is a lot of song analyses, and content about the Grateful Dead, and more that I think makes it a really interesting and engaging website, that continues to grow and expand.

For the entire story, check out the full “History of Extra Chill” page on Extra Chill.

Sarai Chinwag

When I first discovered Chat GPT in early 2023, I wanted to experiment with using AI to write, but I didn’t want to take away from my own editorial voice. Thus, Sarai Chinwag was born, a writer profile that holds all music and South Carolina related content that I create with the help of AI on Extra Chill.

A few months later, in late summer of 2023, after Sarai Chinwag had gotten some love within the local music scene, my friend Chris Gardner suggested that I make an Instagram account for Sarai. Well, I took it a step further and built an entire WordPress site, located at saraichinwag.com.

I was glad to have a clean slate, and a place to explore random curiosities while experimenting with various AI tools to create interesting content. The site leans into the random element and is filled with all sorts of quirky question-and-answer type articles, plus unique artwork created with Midjourney.

I’m pretty proud of it as it allows me to put all of my skills to use, from WordPress development to content strategy and SEO, on a brand new platform that knows no true limitations. It’s been super fun so far.

Thanks for visiting chubes.net! If you want to know more about me, see my full bio page.